We work for humans.

At SCC, data-driven human insights are at the center of everything we do. We use those insights to craft and deliver thoughtful brand experiences across the universe of paid, earned and owned media platforms to drive results for our clients.


Why we started

We were born in 1989, forged with the fire of independence. Tim Condon and Mark Schafer, college roommates and best friends, decided they were done with big agency bureaucracy. So they placed a big bet – on themselves and the spirited, entrepreneurial pioneers who soon joined the team.

Growing up as an integrated multi-disciplinary unit, SCC has continuously invested in talent and technology to create value for our clients. As the world changes, so does SCC.

30 years later, we’re a relentless, high-energy team of 115 creators, strategists and technologists. And we can’t wait for what’s next.

What matters most

It’s the people. Getting the right ones around the table and making things happen for our clients and each other. We’re collaborators, co-creators, creative problem solvers – and we are relentless.

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Humans we partner with

We Go Beyond AOR

Sure, we’re an award-winning creative AOR – but we're also built to deliver integrated brand experiences across the spectrum of digital and analog touchpoints.

SCCDigital Logo

Digital experiences for analog humans.

We provide a consultative approach to creating integrated omnichannel brand and commerce solutions.

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Who do you trust?

We integrated our PR, Influencer and Social Media practices to accelerate third-party advocacy across platforms.

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Content. Content. Content.

What do you want to make? Our award-winning team can make it happen. From social media content to broadcast production, we’re always on time, on budget and on brand.

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Where are the eyeballs?

We can tell you. Planning. Buying. Analysis. Optimization. SCC media connects brands and humans at the right place and time.

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How impressive is your visual vocabulary?

It’s that package you can’t put down. You barely care what’s in it. Or that ticket you save, even though its digital doppelgänger is on your smart phone. We designed it.

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