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Ideas that make growth happen. Ideas that make sales happen. Ideas that make good happen. Ideas that make tears happen. Ideas that make clicks happen. Ideas that make connections happen. Ideas that make shit happen.


What happened

“Hey, Culligan Man!” has been the branding cry for this 85-year-old company for decades. He’s the hero who comes into the homes of women facing spotty dishes and straw-like hair – saving them with his miraculous water softener.

You can imagine how well that plays these days. And yet, when the company tried to walk away from the Culligan Man, it didn’t work.


We had an idea to update the Culligan Man. (Yes, it seems obvious, but why hadn’t anybody done it?). To make him approachable and witty. To have him meet people in their yard. And to give him a really cool van as another branding device.

And made this happen:

Universal acceptance by the Culligan Dealer Organization (the real Culligan Men) responsible for funding the campaign.

If you’ve ever worked with a franchise organization, you know what a big fricking deal that is.

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