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Making the garage smarter.


Millions of homeowners don’t realize their existing garage door opener is compatible with the amazingly intuitive myQ app. To help generate recurring revenue opportunities for LiftMaster, we needed to get consumers to download the myQ app by showing them the possibilities of a smart garage.

I love technology – when it works. The whole point is to make life easier and help me do more. But I don’t think of my garage as smart. Should I?


To get people excited about the possibilities that already exist in their own garages, we created an integrated campaign encouraging them to simply look up and see their garage door opener in a new light. With a movie trailer feel and stunning visual effects, we dramatize the power of myQ. It's so captivating, not even an alien invasion can get you to look

myQ Video 1
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People looked up and downloaded the app

We grew the myQ user base to 9 million individuals and decreased cost–per-acquisition target by more than 50%.